Hey, I’m Jonathan.

I’m giving away most of my pictures for free at unsplash.com/jupp since 2018. It helped me to stay motivated bringing even more and better photos and has been a part of my life since. However, I think it’s time to keep an eye on Unsplash – both as a news channel for the community as well as a watchblog about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Why I think I can write about Unsplash? Well, without bragging and compared to the real veterans of the platform I am a small light, but it makes me quite proud that my photos have been viewed around 90 million times and used more than 400 thousand times by users and companies around the world. Apart from that, I’ve been working as a blogger and freelancer for more than ten years and have a bachelor’s degree in tech journalism.

I thank the Unsplash community in general, but also especially members like Annie, Nik, Pawel and Claudio for their help and advice they always willingly gave. If you have a good story for me, a tip or just want to chat, you can always contact me on Twitter, Instagram or by email.