Unsplash has recently announced significant updates to its submission guidelines, a change that the photography community will likely welcome. Annie Spratt, a prominent figure within the Unsplash community, shared these updates via the platform’s Slack channel, marking a notable shift in the way photographers can share their work on the site.

The first update allows for the uploading of black and white versions of color images, and vice versa, offering photographers the freedom to showcase their work in different palettes. This change opens up new avenues for artistic expression, as photographers can now share both monochrome and color interpretations of their images.

The second update involves a relaxation of the ‘similar’ rule. Previously, the platform restricted the upload of images that were similar to existing submissions. Now, this rule has been relaxed to only exclude identical duplicates to images already uploaded by the same photographer. This amendment is expected to encourage a broader range of submissions, allowing photographers to display varying angles, compositions, and edits of their subjects without concern for rejection based on similarity.

We strongly believe that this with result in more room for you to express yourselves creatively and more choice for our users.

Annie Spratt, Community Team @ Unsplash

Annie expresses great enthusiasm for these changes, believing they will lead to more creativity and variety on Unsplash, thus enhancing the user experience. She also encourages members of the Unsplash community to reach out with any questions regarding the new submission guidelines, assuring them of a prompt response.

Header image: Priscilla Du Preez

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