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Anyone who uploads their photos or 3D renders to Unsplash agrees in principle that their works can also be used commercially by brands without the creator earning a single cent. In the eyes of some, Unsplash is even destroying the entire industry.

But in recent years, the operators have always had efforts to ensure that the artists on whom their business model is built somehow receive financial recognition. For example, every now and then there were calls in the official Slack community looking for people in special cases to be available for a collaboration on a certain date (mostly in the USA, which was not necessarily helpful for the global community). Also, you can indicate on your profile that you are available for paid assignments.

But all this was not really structured yet. This is supposed to change soon with “Unsplash Studio”. Some users like my dear colleague Mika were sent emails announcing that Unsplash wants to expand its “roster of photographers and 3D artists”. Linked is a form with seven questions, in which only name, email address and links are requested and one should describe his style in three words.

We love your images on Unsplash ❤️ & we have exciting news! We are growing our roster of photographers and 3D artists for Unsplash Studio. Unsplash Studio collaborates with creatives to create campaign imagery for brands.

We’re accepting applications now.

Interested? Fill out this short application form, by August 25, and we will be in touch if you’re selected!

There is no further information on the topic yet, even on the Slack server it has not been discussed yet. If something should change, I will of course keep you up to date. I could imagine that Unsplash Studio could be the “big project” that was recently announced, which is why they couldn’t invest resources into expanding their offerings in video. When asked, Annie Spratt tells me that Unsplash Studio is not exactly new. “Brands are coming to us to shoot content that they run on unsplash as ads. Studio has been open for quite a while now, and we’re now looking to diversify our roster for different brands that come to us.” I’m excited to see where this goes.

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