This isn’t your typical back-to-school photo and something I’ve never really seen before! The minimalist approach makes this a very strong composition and I wonder how they got this unusual yet effective concept.

I love the snippets of personality in this photo with the bikes and shoes. Very casual vibes and I could see myself hanging out with them after a long bike marathon.

You can’t go wrong with mountain photos, especially during sunset. I love this one in particular because of the painterly color grading with the beautiful purple and orange hues.

Levitating food photography is not a super new thing but I like how the technique is used tastefully (no pun intended) here. The glass of milk is not literally levitating; instead it rests on the cookies in a way that makes sense in regards to physics, almost making me question if Toa actually managed to balance it like this guy.

This is too adorable not to include here.

As a platform that pushes creativity forward, there’s always lots of interesting photos submitted to Unsplash. This one… I’m not even sure how it was taken. Multiple exposures with swirly camera movement? Either way, it’s a compelling weekend-night shot.

I’m a sucker for wide-angle perspective portrait shots. The shapes in this composition are super strong and angular without being awkwardly unnatural.

It’s not every day you’d take portraits and run them through a scanner (I think that’s what he did here, at least). Fascinating and somewhat scary.

The depth in this shot of ink, water and oil is incredible, much like the rest of Pawel’s abstract work. The subdued color palette is very pleasing to look at.

Monochrome + harsh light = 100% coolness. With only one person captured in the middle the road where most of the light hits, this is a super powerful composition. Did I mention this was taken with an iPhone 6?

Thanks for reading! Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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