It was Patrick Federi himself who shared with the Slack community that one of his drone photos depicting a “small road in the forest” near Zurich, Switzerland was used alongside those of two other members in a bathroom for promotional purposes. However, it was not a model room, but an actual transformation by the design studio of Sarah Richardson. Even a YouTube video was made about this project and images were shown on the blog proving the use of Unsplash shots. Very likeable: they acknowledge the effort in the Creator’s photos and even include their names in the post.

Let’s hear it for the kids! In today’s Red Brick Redo reveal episode, we’re unveiling 2 contrasting kids’ bedroom makeovers and 1 playfully chic kids’ bathroom. From black, white and monochromatic all over to peachy, minty and infused with soothing aqua, these bedroom redos will show you how to create calm and cozy spaces that can easily grow with kids! Plus, you’ll learn how to perk up your bathroom with a no reno redo!

(Header image: Sarah Richardson Design)

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